buzzpronto provides APIs to add voice and video conversations to web and mobile apps

With these simple but powerful cloud powered APIs you can launch your product to market quickly and increase revenues by converting more users from free to paid.

You'll be up and running in an hour
Increase user engagement

With buzzpronto you can enable users to video collaborate with other users from within the comfort of your web or mobile app.No context switching, no external applications.

Reduce time to market

With buzzpronto you can add High definition video chat to your web or mobile app in a matter of hours & launch quickly.

Increase revenues

Give your users a compelling reason to upgrade to your premium products with embedded video conferencing capabilities. It’s great for them, and definitely great for your revenue.

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Awesome quality

The technology we have developed enables excellent audio & video quality even at low bandwidth.

Simple APIs

We have designed the buzzpronto javascript APIs to be super simple for any web developer to use them without the need for specialized skills.

Cloud Powered

We’re built in the cloud. Our API is always available, continuously upgraded and auto-scales to meet your needs.


The APIs work on all major browsers such as Chrome,FF,Safari,IE


We provide simple to use yet powerful SDKs for iOS & Android platforms

Enterprise features

buzzpronto supports enterprise grade features such as firewall traversal & round the clock tech support.

buzzpronto Applications

380 million people will use live video by 2015.Read on to see how buzzpronto is transforming your industry.